Racial Slur in Facebook Post Leads to Business Getting One-Star Reviews

Racial Slur in Facebook Post

In the state of Illinois, there has been public outcry on social media and a business getting one-star reviews after a business owner went on a Facebook rant that included a racial slur.

Dennis Drake used his excavating company’s page to show his objection to the civil unrest going on around the country, specifically people who have resorted to looting in that time. Drake’s posts quickly caught the eye of others on social media. That led to hundreds of responses and dozens of one-star reviews left for the business over the past few days.

“It has come to my attention that over the last week there has been some hateful commentary online,” says Charleston, Illinois Mayor Brandon Combs. “It is not worthy of public consideration. It is not worthy of debate. It is not contemptible and I will not tolerate it.”

Also caught up in the comments of one of Drake’s posts was an employee of the Mattoon School District. In one of the posts she says she has previously made students look up the n-word, have them write it down, and read it back to her. The school district says they accepted her letter of resignation after an investigation.

“The District condemns any language or action that divides rather than unifies,” they say in a statement. “The District is committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, grounded in the ability to listen with the intent to understand.”

Drake Escavating did not respond when reached for comment. The posts have since been taken down. Their website is also down, as well as their Facebook page and the owner’s personal page.

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